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Lung & Respiratory Disorders / COPD Board Index


obstructive airways disease (23)
occasional deep breaths (20)
occasional hyperventilation (12)
occasional pain in sternum (51)
occasional sharp chest pain (69)
occasional tachycardia (73)
ocd breathing problem (86)
ocd breathing problems (67)
off and on breathlessness (134)
off and on chest tightness (636)
off work with costochondritis (23)
often unable to complete a deep breath (14)
ok to swallow phlegm (11)
old back pain copd (42)
old bedridden and not eating (25)
old fibrosis of lungs (53)
old lung (2468)
old lung scares (37)
old lung scarring (71)
old throat gagging (57)
on and off chest tightness (637)
on and off fever breathing difficulty (26)
on and off lung hurting (67)
on and off lung pain (954)
on antibiotics 2 weeks coughing up phlegm still (10)
on antibiotics for pneumonia and still have low grade fever (14)
on coumadin coughing blood (10)
on going cough after surgery (339)
on off blood in sputum (23)
on off cough up of blood (353)
on off pain in lung area (115)
on oxygen nose bleeds (11)
on tranxene for 15 years (10)
on-going phlegm cough (160)
once again i coughed up blood (42)
once diagnosed with emphysema, how long do you have to live (10)
once diagnosed with emphysema, how long do you have to live (10)
once diagnosed with emphysema, how long do you have to live (10)
once you get pleurisy do you always get it (16)
one lung better than other (396)
one lung hurting (118)
one lung hurting when you cough (12)
one lung hurts (234)
one lung hurts exercise (20)
one lung hurts why? (75)
one lung is painful coughing (29)
one lung rattling (13)
one lung wheezing (146)
one lung working more than the other (123)
one of my lungs hurt (487)
one side wheezing (135)
one spot on lungs (125)
one time asbestos (77)
one time asbestos exposure (28)
one two nodules 3mm (14)
one week burning feeling chest (204)
ongoing breathing problems after cold (11)
only cough when standing up (61)
only coughing and phlegm (159)
only coughing before bedtime (24)
only get a deep breath when i yawn (56)
only have 50% lung capacity (21)
only having shortness of breath (839)
only in the morning,cough up blood (146)
only in the mornings blood in mucus (17)
only one lung hurts (112)
only shortness of breath no other symptoms (388)
only symptom shortness of breath (365)
only time i get a full breath is when i yawn (10)
only time i get enough air is when i yawn (22)
only way i can catch breath is to yawn (11)
only way i can catch breath is to yawn (11)
only way i can catch breath is to yawn (11)
only way to get a full breath is to yawn (11)
oral prednisone for bronchitis (12)
orange (9562)
orange color mucus (16)
orange mucus morning (19)
orange mucus morning (19)
orange phlegm? (12)
orange-phlegm (12)
osteomyletis (21)
other than cardiac related pains in chest (18)
out breath when talking dizziness (53)
out of air sudden wake up (34)
out of breath after walking up steps (35)
out of breath and ear clogged (28)
out of breath at rest (1207)
out of breath dizziness when talking (39)
out of breath no cough (608)
out of breath reading out loud (56)
out of breath since i gave up smoking (39)
out of breath smoker (280)
out of breath talking (1150)
out of breath walking up stairs (204)
out of breath when eat and talk (281)
out of breath when i talk (1832)
out of breath when standing (441)
out of breath when talking dizzy (79)
out of breath while im sitting why (13)
out of breath while talking but not while exercising (10)
out of breath yawn (276)
out of breathe yawn (101)
over sweating and smoking (58)
over tired can not get a deep breath (98)
overactive mucous (12)
overweight short of breath (127)
oxygen (9321)
oxygen reading (604)
oxygen and confusion (92)
oxygen and depression (333)
oxygen and nose bleeding (19)
oxygen and nose bleeds (10)
oxygen blood readings (33)
oxygen depression (338)
oxygen for depression (314)
oxygen for father with emphysema (32)
oxygen in blood reading (232)
oxygen in blood readings (29)
oxygen in nose (474)
oxygen level good but still can not breath (22)
oxygen levels and confusion (22)
oxygen levels confusion (22)
oxygen low depression (100)
oxygen nose bleeds (11)
oxygen reading (598)
oxygen reading 98 (11)
oxygen reading finger (24)
oxygen reading in blood (234)
oxygen reading numbers (23)
oxygen readings (60)
oxygen readings in blood (29)
oxygen saturation low (62)
oxygen saturation normal (45)
oxygen thread heart (45)
oxygen tube infection (33)
oxygen tubing (28)
oxygen use and confusion (12)
oxygen+depression (353)
oxygen+in+blood+reading (232)
oxygen+nose bleeds (10)
oxygen, nose bleeds (11)

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