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dont worry just yet... It possible its positive and will develop its possible it wont... Even if it does it could be mild. I know that probably doesnt help ease your mind.

A positive dsdna is pretty specific usually, there are sometimes false positives but its rare with dsdna unless you have a direct family member with lupus. I read a few studies on twins and sisters showing false positive dsdna when the other one had lupus. In fact, my sisters doctors wont run the test on her (she's having some serious GI symptoms) until *everything* else is ruled out because they believe she will throw a false positive because of me and that will confuse things.

It probably will be rechecked by the rheumatologist.
Why was the test ordered? Its not a usual run of the mill just checking things, there must have been something that prompted it?

The good news is this... A good rheumatologist will want to check in, even if you have no symptoms to be sure something isnt brewing. The sooner its caught, the better, symptoms are less likely to progress into serious issues.

Even if youre generally healthy, listen to your body. Best advice I can give. If new things arise be sure to tell your doctors.
You have a good doctor there who's being thorough.

Lupus is a clinical diagnosis. bloodwork is used as an indicator. without symptoms, you do not have lupus. you may never get symptoms... Its still a good idea to keep the bloodwork in mind if you ever do start having odd symptoms.

The rheum will probably test your dsdna by other methods to see if it was a false positive.

Its scary, hearing the word Lupus. When I had my bloodwork run and the primary called to say my dsdna I broke down & cried... I was already exhibiting symptoms of an autoimmune, I knew it was a possibility - yet hearing that still made me fall apart. It wasnt fair, I was angry & sad. Feeling like that is completely normal.

I actually have symptoms, i can say its frustrating... Ive had to make adjustments. But my life hasnt been taken away from me **at all**. I still work, I still play with my child, I still have fun. I just take it easier than I used to when Im not feeling well. Ive bought a few products to help me - namely fish oil, heat packs, some comfier shoes for when my feet hurt, higher SPF sunscreen. I see doctors a lot for different things that come up with me. Scheduling is a bit tougher because of that... My home life is actually better because Ive stopped sweating the small stuff so much. I was very high strung had to be in control type before, but now I just go with the flow. It turns out it wasnt the worst thing to happen to me.

We're here if you need us, to vent... to be angry.. to ask questions.

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