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I'm hoping I can get some opinions. I'm only 28 and almost 3 years ago I saw a rheumatologist and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (and at the same time diabetes). Since even before that I had elevated liver enzymes and ESR. A CT of my liver about 4 years ago showed I had a fatty liver.

At this point, after yet another round of blood tests revealed elevated liver AST, ALT, and ESR my current doctor (had to change because I moved out of state a year ago) ordered an ultrasound of my liver which showed enlarged liver. While I am in the process of trying to schedule an appointment with an endocrinologist I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should see rheumy or at least insist on further testing to rule out lupus because:

[*]As far as I know, Lupus was dismissed ONLY due to a neg ANA with no further testing.
[*]I have had a red rash for almost as long as I can remember that goes across my nose and both cheeks, and also parts of my forehead and chin. It's not itchy at all, but does vary in intensity day to day (and throughout the day) from a light pink to very dark red/purplish.
[*]I have no family history of diabetes, liver problems, or fibromyalgia (or any other chronic diseases).
[*]I recently went to the ER for severe chest pain. They did rule out a heart attack, and also ruled out gallstones. They didn't find any heart problems, but I'm not sure whether the tests they did would have also ruled out pericarditis (EKGs and cardiac enzyme tests). They said it was safe for me to go, so no real cause was determined.
[*]I get sores in my mouth, frequent dry nose w/ nosebleeds, and occasional dry eyes and mouth.
[*]Seemingly overnight I developed a small patch of skin on my pinky finger that's dry, cracked, and peeling. So far it hasn't spread or gotten better, and doesn't seem to respond to lotions.
[*]Also been getting this odd rash on the back of my hands lately on and off, they look like little tiny red dots, and some leave what looks like little tiny pinprick scabs.
[*]Pain in my hands and feet which lasts days at a time (in the area of the metacarpals and metatarsals)
[*]Of course, in addition to this I have the symptoms I've been struggling w/ which have been attributed to fibromyalgia: whole body pain, severe fatigue, brain fog, memory difficulties, trouble sleeping...
[*]And symptoms which could be attributed to diabetes, except that they seem to be getting worse while by diabetes has been under control for years now, like GERD,

So, I guess my question is: at this point, should I insist on other diagnostic tests for Lupus even though my ANA has always been negative? I have read that it's possible, but very unlikely (something like 3%). I'm just so frustrated because I feel like there are things going on with me that are not really attributable to fibromyalgia and diabetes (which is under control), but so far none of the doctor's I've seen can figure out what's wrong with me. I was even sent to a gerontologist who ruled out hemochromatosis and wilson's disease but DID find high serum copper - which I see online can also be caused by lupus!

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