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Hi !!
I have been battling with lupus for few years now, with severe kidney involvement, currently on a waiting list for kidney transplant. Last year I had a big scare as the lymph nodes under my arm were detected to be swollen by a mammogram and sonogram, I could not tell it was swollen, it was sore but not painful, had a biopsy done and the results were negative for cancer so it was determined it was from my lupus.
Now for the past few weeks I have been feeling a similar discomfort but now is basically on my shoulders, under arm, on the are right below the crease to the elbow, on my hips, collarbone and sometimes around the knee area. I have not other symptoms and waiting for my appointment with the Dr. I'm confused as the more I read the areas of my discomfort are areas were lymph nodes are located or also tender points from Fybro...
Does anyone have any input on this ??
worried about Lymphoma ...
Hello and welcome to the boards. The areas you mention do have lymph nodes with the following exceptions: shoulder-only above collarbone, knee-only behind knee, elbow-only on crease side. It is possible though that during a lupus flare you have sore lymph nodes AND sore joints, bursae or tendons/muscles, so it all could be happening at the same time but in different structures. It is unlikely to be lymphoma if you can't even feel the lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are usually under 1 cm. diameter and feel like a movable grapefruit seed if you can feel them. Lymphoma nodes are usually big, harder and not movable-ie., feel matted down or stuck together. So given the fact you know you have lupus, and that it can affect lymph nodes, I would be cautious and have Dr. check them, but not be overly worried about something new occurring. That said, lymphoma can arise in lupus patients treated for long periods with immune suppressants and biologics, BUT it is uncommon, where lymph node enlargement, discomfort is more common just from the lupus itself. Good luck with this and getting a kidney for transplant. Let us know how you are doing going forward!

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