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WonderCat, hello & welcome. First off, I'm very sorry for your symptoms . I'm just a patient (lupus) so can't know what's doing all this, but here are several questions you could ask & things you could double-check.

[B]Unilateral pain[/B]. Perhaps the phrase that struck me the most is that your pain & weakness are unilateral, not bilateral. To my knowledge, pain in lupus is typically bi-lateral, and I think same is true in RA (not 100% sure). That said, any good rheum would very likely look at RA and various other "close cousins" to lupus, like Mixed Connective Tissue Disease, etc.

[B]Syphilis test & lupus[/B]. Actually a false-positive on one of the syphilis tests (but I'm not sure WHICH syphilis test, sorry) is seen in people with antiphospholipid syndrome (APS), a blood clotting disorder. APS is also called "sticky blood syndrome", which better conveys what it is. While 1/3 of people with lupus have the culprit autoantibodies, it is possible to have APS without having lupus. Above the user threads you'll see some "sticky posts" (permanent info posts), where you can find more info on APS.

[B]Neurological issues [/B](tremors, eye twitching, etc.) I'm guessing other AI's, not just lupus, and some conditions other than the AI's could cause some of those symptoms. For example, within the AI's: Myasthenia Gravis, and maybe the inflammatory myopathies (Myositis and Polymyositis). But again, that your symptoms are unilateral could be significant.

I hope things fall into place FAST. When do you see the rheum, or have you already? We'll watch for your updates. Meanwhile, wishing you better days and sending hugs, Vee

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