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Possible SLE case?
Aug 11, 2015
Hello all,

In January of last year I posted on here about a rheumatologist appointment which proved to be unsuccessful for diagnosis. I don't remember the login information or I would reply in that thread.

Here is my story: I'm 19 years old, female, and starting having symptoms ~3 years ago when I started to get chest pains with deep breathing, attacks that would come on suddenly without emotional duress and last no more than 5 minutes. I sought medical help when I started having pain in my joints and exhibiting signs of Raynaud's, which I was later diagnosed with in January. My pediatrician ordered an ANA test, which was positive, and referred me to a rheumatologist, whom I saw in January. He didn't take my chest or joint pain seriously, or the fact that I'd had 8 canker sores that year alone (highly unusual for me), but ordered an anti-dsDNA test which came back negative, and after hearing that I did not have any rashes or fatigue, sent me on my less than merry way.

I was discouraged because I know that even though my bloodwork came back perfect, I was not healthy and I was not making it up in my head.

In March, the fatigue started. I would come home from my college classes and just pass out from exhaustion, and over the summer the same thing happens after work and sometimes during work, too, and is not resolved with any amount of sleep or rest.

The joint pain has also become just regular bone pain, including on my forearms and shins, where there is no joint. I still have no rashes or photo-sensitivity to report. Chest pain and fatigue and joint pain are my current clinical symptoms.

I saw a nurse practitioner at a walmart clinic in an attempt to cheaply get more blood work done without having to go back to the rheumatologist before I go back to school in a couple of weeks. My previously perfect bloodwork is now not so perfect. My vitamin D is low, my RBCs are high, BUN/creatinine ratio is high, glucose and folate levels high, AST lower than the reference range, and my ANA that the NP reordered is positive at 1:320 with a speckled pattern, and a lupus panel followup recommended. I tested negative for mono, so the fatigue is not being caused by that.

My question is, have any of you ever had a negative dsDNA and a positive ANA? After much researching online, I discovered a few reports that having an anti-ENA panel (anti-sm, SSA, RNP, etc) done might be worth it because patients can have a negative dsDNA and a positive ENA result with lupus. I am going back to the clinic tomorrow but I have to see a different nurse, and I'm trying to figure out how I can get her to order these ENA tests to see what those results are, before I head 1000 miles away to my university for the fall.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, I've been told that there's nothing wrong with me when I know there is and I feel as though these labs support that, just not sure if it's lupus or what else it could be, and I value this community's expertise. I don't want to live in pain anymore. I'm only 19 and I know that the kinds of pains that I have are not normal.

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