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Sorry you are going through this. Can you elaborate on what you've been going through for years (any recurrent symptoms and abnormal findings) that has you seeking a diagnosis? Currently, the high WBC in urine would suggest either infection or inflammation in the urinary tract. Hopefully they have ordered a urine culture to see if infection is present, which antibiotics would help. Upper left abdominal pain can come from many things, but IMO, your spleen needs checked on physical exam to see if enlarged, and pancreatic enzymes need checked in blood (amylase, lipase) to see if pancreas is inflamed. This can be a chronic problem if gallstones are present or an autoimmune inflammation. Kidney infection and/or stones can cause upper abdominal pain but usually causes flank pain as well, in back just above waistline. An ultrasound or CT scan can help identify kidney stones and gallstones. I would take advantage of being in the hospital and discuss the chronic problems with your hospitalist so they can look deeper into those symptoms, not just what is going on right now. Be sure then to ask for a copy of all your labs and test results before you leave the hospital. The nurses are usually good at providing copies before discharge, which is much easier than trying to get the records after you leave. Good luck and I hope they pin down what is happening now and what you have been struggling with over the years.

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