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Re: ????Lupus
Sep 22, 2015
[QUOTE=P3ps1max;5384316]HI just wondering if anyone could help decipher my blood results, i was diagnosed with palindromic rheumatoid along with a un-diagnosed connective tissue disease around two years ago after testing for lupus with a negative result do not know what was tested i was just told by rheumi it was negative, still have a lot of problems with rashes joint pain and swelling and such so got referred to immunologist, letter does not say much just that full blood count satisfactory, crp and esr elevated, double stranded dna strong positive, mild proteinuria, anti tgg, bence jones c3 c4 and ena all normal not sure if this is anything or nothing, tried ringing for explanation awaiting a call back(that was 3 days ago) any help would be greatly appreciated........[/QUOTE]

I would say that the results are most consistent with lupus since dsDNA antibodies were strong positive. The protein in urine goes along with that, as well as the elevated CRP
and sed rate.
The rest was apparently normal, which is good. It seems with time your illness is declaring itself more specifically.
Re: ????Lupus
Sep 24, 2015
hi again just a quick update, immunologist rang wednesday morning and did explain that given my symptoms the blood results and a strong positive dsdna, in her opinion this was all pointing toward lupus, however as i was referred by rheumi she said it was up to the rheumi to diagnose and she had sent her an urgent fax, as i did not have an appointment until January she advised i ring rheumi and get a telephone appointment to discuss what she had told me, i did just that but could not get to speak to her, a nurse did ring me to tell me she had looked at my notes and told me not to worry everything was fine and to continue with my medication (hydroxychroraquine and sulphasalazine), and she would see me at next appointment, whilst i feel so glad she has told me not to worry, i am a little disappointed that nothing was explained to me especially as the immunologist seemed quite concerned, but for now i guess i will just have to put it to the back of my mind until my next appointment........
Re: ????Lupus
Sep 29, 2015
hi im not sure of the ranges, in my letter off immunologist it does say strong positive dsdna at 179, whatever that means, that is the only number given the rest just says raised esr, raised crp, and raised proteinuria i did push for answers regarding the proteinuria as was not sure what it meant and i have done 3 more water samples myself at different times of the day on different days and all showed plus proteinuria and blood, no explanation given again just told i might have a uti and to put a water sample in at gp to which i have today....... thanks once again for all of your replies i most certainly will ask for a copy of results, if i do get any further info i will post back....
Re: ????Lupus
Nov 18, 2015
Hi again just an update after being told not to worry and to stay on current meds i eventually had my appointment with rheumi today, more confused as she said she did not know about letter from immunologist so i showed her mine she left room came back and booked me in for all sorts of tests, she confirmed that my dsdna was certainly a strong positive aand indicative of lupus...... so she has stopped sulphasalazine, increased hydroxychloraquin and has given me a new medication to start called methotrexate, has anyone out there been given this? As up to now all i have is a booklet and its scaring the life out of me just reading it, any advice would be most welcome many thanks
Re: ????Lupus
Nov 19, 2015
thank you so much once again for your reply and thank you for explaining that medication i have stopped reading about it as it was really worrying me, i suppose really what i should have asked is would any rheumi put someone on this without being pretty sure as she was very thorough in sending me for urine analysis, lots more bloods chest xray, scan, and also a lung function test to which i am awaiting an appointment, the reason i ask this is although she confirmed the dsdna is a strong positive for lupus she did not 100% confirm it other than saying that was a strong positive that she wanted to change my medication and do all the above tests, and because of that i just have a little niggle regarding taking this medication without being sure, on a plus side from what i have found out it seems they do not just give it out willy nilly so i take that as a positive, again thank you for your kind words and i will definitely join some form of lupus site so that i can try and understand a little more about it because at the moment i just have what i can read on leaflets and not real stories....... thankyou

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