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Good morning. Per one of my hardcovers, Sjogrens can cause the highest ANA's and autoantibody levels seen in the autoimmunes. Also, anti-ds-DNA can be positive in lower levels in Sjogren's (as opposed to the higher levels associated with lupus). Finally, in addition to dry eyes and throat, among other things it can cause dry lungs, dry stomach, and thick blood.

Vitamin D can tank in multiple conditions. Mine dropped to 10 (lupus) and my husband's to 9 (diabetes). And that alone can make a person feel fatigued.

Sjogren's has its own set of diagnostic criteria. Tests that help to diagnose it are Schirmer's (an eye test for dryness), and Rose Bengal or green lissamine staining (more eye tests). But the most definitive test is lip biopsy.

But because people can have Sjogren's in concert with other AI's, I still think her best move is to touch base with her rheum for any unusual symptoms or for events like ER visits. She should always keep her rheum fully in the loop, the same way people without AI's keep their GP's fully in the loop.

Because she only went back on her meds recently, it may take awhile for them to build back up. Plaquenil, for one, is known to be slow-building: it can take 4-6 months to reach its full effect.

I totally agree that she should tell ER doctors that she's being treated for something undifferentiated that could be lupus, Sjogren's, or even both. You could suggest that she borrow library books on lupus & its close cousins (those books made me a better patient).

But, honestly, from what you've said, her #1 issue could be time rather than some stubborn resistance to checking in with her rheum after an ER visit. Could trusted family members or friends maybe help with her son's pediatric appointments or with other things, if she'll accept help? Personally I felt so weary at times before my dx that I didn't know how I could make it to work, attend to family obligations, cook dinner, or anything else, and I didn't have a toddler to care for as she does. The fatigue these things can cause is flattening... I feel for you all & hope something here helps at least some. Sending best wishes.

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