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Hello! Happy holidays to everyone!

I've posted on here before. I'm still sitting at an Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease. I am ANA+, Anti Ro (SSA) +, and Anti Centromere Antibody+. I have developed Raynaud's (still haven't seen my rheum to tell him that as no appointment until August!!! :mad:) and on the 12th of December I noticed ulcers in the back of my throat. My GP told me they would likely be gone in a few days. I said, that's funny, because by the time I saw her, I had already had them for at least 4 days! She game me Difflam and off I went. Here we are now on the 30th of December and I have deep ulcers on my tonsils. I now have Corsodyl (mouthwash). How long should I wait before contacting my rheumatologist? They haven't observed my previous mouth ulcers (hard palate ones). I feel run-down, nauseous, particularly before mid afternoon and late night. I'm extremely exhausted (like all of us CTD patients). I have tried my best to take photographs. It's so hard to get to speak to rheum but I wish that he would order regular blood checks with my GP to check for activity that might be useful in diagnosing something. I am taking 200 mg hydroxychlorquine, pregabalin (which I know makes people drowsy and their eyes, mouth, nose more dry), diclofenac and omeprazole. My next appointment with a specialist is with gastroenterologist to discuss pain when swallowing (mainly own saliva as opposed to food) and pain in abdomen (ultrasound clear). The last time I talked about getting occasional ulcers in my vulva area as well. This opened up another differential diagnosis of Behcet's Disease. He referred me to OB/GYN who said that he wanted biopsy next time one happened. Of course, one occurred 2 weeks ago when consultant was on holiday and they don't last long when I get one. Anyway, I feel that someone (RHEUM/GP??) should be running tests to check my C3/C4/FBC, is there anything else? I feel that I shouldn't have to wait until August. If bloods show something else, maybe docs could help me feel better. Thank you.

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