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Hello. My name is Barbara. Im here on behalf of my husband looking for answers. He was diagnosed with Hashimotos when he was 27 years old, 4 years ago. He has multi-nodular thyroid. Since then he has started having a magnitude of symptoms and we are worried he may have another auto-immune disorder....His Dr suspects lupas or Berchets. Problem is he will not be able to get in to see the Rheumatologist until August and is having some issues that are really bothering him. He has developed severe mouth ulcers. His Dr prescribed him mouthwash that has steroid and numbing properties but it does not help. The pain is so horrible that we have googled every which way to alleviate it and nothing is working. So, if anyone else having this issue could help with some ideas that would be great. We were wondering if the sores are a good sign of lupas or other disorders? Also other symptoms he has been having are: genital lesions, skin lesions on the face, sometimes ulcers appear in nose, fatigue, joint pain (gout), arthritis, scleritis, had 4 yrs ago a bout of myocardidis from a strep infection and also had mono at the same time, depression/moody, brain fogginess that comes and goes, a lot of times he has bloody urine, and kidney stones. He is now only 33 years old and shouldnt be having a lot of this issues in my opinion. I really hate it for him. Any help about the ulcers in his mouth and other possible disorders he may have would be really appreciated.

Thank you,

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