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Re: Dsdna testing
Aug 1, 2016
Hi, I just saw this. You may have already gotten some answers. I'm only a (dumb) patient, but I believe ANA is a very general test that can be positive in quite a few conditions, and that it's never by itself alone diagnostic of anything.

For anti-ds-DNA, my lab parses results as negative, equivocal, weak positive, positive, and strong positive. I don't know what your value of 15.4 means.

i.e., I just don't know how your seemingly LOW anti-dsDNA result "stacks up" with your seemingly HIGH result for ANA, as maybe the two don't necessarily correlate.

Or maybe there' are other tests that could better illuminate your high ANA, like some other ab seen in lupus that wasn't tested for, or some other ab seen in some "close cousin" to lupus that wasn't tested for---or even some other condition outside of lupus and its close cousins.

Did you see the rheum at the end of June, and did you gain more clarity? HOPE SO! Looking forward to updates & hoping this finds you in a better position. Warm wishes, Vee

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