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Thank you Ladybud. I do see a dermo and have an appt already on the 14th. I've got a couple of creams I use for the rash, but I've got a lot going on that makes me think it's probably SLE. I've got the mylar rash, sort of, nose and left cheek. I've got the ear thing (ie. Vertigo & nausea every time it storms) diagnosed originally as meniere's (12 yrs ago). Inflammation and swelling in my left hip and hand, GI problems with no other obvious answer to the point where I can no longer eat meat, liver enzymes that are 'wonky' but unless someone can tell me it's going to change my treatment (and so far they have not) I'm done letting them do invasive things just for the fun of it, and just for fun I'm losing my hair. I guess I'll see where these two appt's go. I was evaluated by a rheum. last year but at the time I didn't know enough to put all this together. Just as another note looking back at pictures I see that my Mother, who passed at the age I am at now, had what I now know to be a mylar rash. She had cardiomyopathay from an unknown source, also on autopsy, severe kidney and liver damage, assumed to be from experimental drugs she was on to control her heartbeat. The Dr's were always accusing her of drinking. NOT! She had 1-2 glasses of wine a year, maybe! I suspect she had undiagnosed Lupus. She passed in 1985, they should have known, for god's sake she was at what was supposed to be the 'best' teaching hospital in the area. I call it the hospital of death, no one in my family has made it out alive.

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