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[QUOTE=somebody84;5422287]Thank you for the reply! I do have a severe headache and very stiff neck. I never heard of aspectic meningitis. The doctor at the ER talked about during a lumbar puncture but advised against it. He said he didn't think it was necessary. Which I thought was strange because with meningitis a lumbar puncture is usually the next step.

I got all the blood work from the urgent care and the ER Doctor to take to my primary on Thursday. I'll ask about a rheumatologist. The rash on my face tends to get worse in the sun and I also end up getting a rash on my arms and chest. I'll have to take a photo for the doctor in case.[/QUOTE]

Honestly I would go back to the ER and ask to have a lumbar puncture and mention aseptic meningitis from possible lupus as a possibility. Take all your lab results with you. I don't think the ER Dr. would dare refuse to do it or admit you under the circumstances of a second visit with same complaints in view of your symptoms. Meningitis can cause seizures, and that is an emergency in itself. Your PCP cannot do a lumbar puncture, and that will delay things even more. I think you need to go back to ER. LP isn't bad as long as being done by experienced competent Dr. I personally would not go home without it or being admitted to be done in AM by neurologist or interventional radiologists experienced in procedure.

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