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Please help
Aug 7, 2016
Hi! I was hoping maybe someone could help me here. I'm scared and waiting to hear from the rheumatologist a office to schedule. Very new to all of this.

I had some bloodwork done to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and now my dr is referring me to a rheumatologist. The "asap" on the notes is alarming to me. It's difficult to find any actual number values online to see where I stand, particularly the anti dna (Ds). Would you members be so kind as to let me know what you think this stuff might mean? I have to wait for a phone call to schedule with the rheumatologist and the wait is freaking me out.

ANA Titer: 1:1280
ANA Pattern: Speckled
Rheumatoid Factor: 116 IU/mL
DNA AB (DS) Crithidia, IFA: Positive
DNA AB (DS) Crithidia Titer: 1:40
SM Antibody: <1.0 NEG
SM/RNP Antibody: <1.0 NEG
Sjogren's Anti-SS A: 8.0 POS
Sjogren's Anti-SS B: <1.0 NEG
SCL-70: <1.0 NEG
CCP AB (IgG): <16 NEG
Sed Rate: 2mm/h

I keep seeing "Lupus" in what I read. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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