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Hi! In limbo land with a possible autoimmune disorder. I've received test results but haven't spoken to my rheum about them.

I was just in the hospital for 3 days due to having difficulty walking and weakness in my legs. Let me give you the rundown of my symptoms.

- Extreme pain in upper back and neck.
- Joint pain and popping/cracking.
- Swollen fingers on and off.
- Tingling from the hips to feet when exposed to heat and/or standing and walking.
- Left sided tingling that starts in my left face and travels into left arm and left leg when putting head in certain positions.
- Heat sensitivity.
- Extreme fatigue
- Flu like feeling 3-4x a week. No fevers.
- Stabbing pain behind left eye and eyelid twitches.
- Weakness in legs when walking and climbing stairs.
- Rashes on chest that are red, flat, and itch.
- 1:640 (test says PATTERN: SPECKLED
- Low C3 and C4 (compliment proteins)
- Stuttering, foggy memory.
- Foot Drop (?), nurses and doctors commented on how flat my feet are when they rest.
- Balance issues.

It's been like this every day for a year and a half. Clear MRI's of cranial, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. Going in for a lumbar puncture on 8/30. Doctors in the hospital kept throwing around possible MS or Lupus, but right now I'm only diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

I know no one here can diagnose me, but does it seem like I am leaning towards lupus? I just want to either stop worrying or prepare myself. Diagnosis stories would also be wonderful.

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