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Good morning. Other than ANA being somewhat elevated at 1:160*, to me your other labs look within reference range on this set of labs. *Reports vary on what ANA level is strongly suggests an AI. One of my hardcover authors says when he sees 1:1280, he's convinced, but my bet is that other doctors have a lower "threshold of concern". In that context, 1:160 is not that high. However, AI labs can easily vary over time as flares come/go, and certainly as a condition first appears, then worsens.

But even if these particular results are negative on paper, your SYMPTOMS beg for further scrutiny, so I too think consulting a rheum is the way to go. It's possible that he could run additional tests, or even re-do all using a lab known to be expert at the AI tests (some are tricky). Also he'd take a LIFETIME medical history, which can reveal interesting patterns. (You could even compile that list now, to take along.) Speaking of lifetime history: did you read the "sticky post" on "alternative criteria"? It lists subtle things that happen earlier in life in people who later develop lupus.

One other thought. How long have you taken heart meds? There's a subset of lupus called DILE, Drug-Induced Lupus Erythematosus. It can cause some of the same symptoms as SLE but has different hallmarks: positive ANA, positive anti-ss-DNA [that's single-stranded, not double-stranded], and positive anti-histone. (I see anti-ss-DNA listed on your labs but not anti-histone.) Various meds have been implicated in DILE, including some heart meds. Treatment consists of identifying & withdrawing the culprit med(s).

So keep us posted & good luck. I hope you get that appointment soon!

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