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Over the past 20+ years I have had multiple doctors tell me I have SLE. I have had flare ups that have made me sick for brief periods but not really put me down and out. This past June I went into a flare up that was the worst I have ever had in my life. My PCP had an ANA drawn and it was 1:320. She recommended I see and Rheumatologist since I had not been following with one. I recently had my initial visit and went over all my test results including my ANA and that my IgG and IgA are both 300 points below the lowest level, low platelets. I explained my symptoms had been ongoing since childhood; low immunity, frequent infections, chronic bowel issues, chronic systemic pain, kidney issues to just name a couple issues etc. When this flare up started in June it presented symptoms of a stroke; numbness on left side of face, pressure behind the left eye, tremors and shaking of hands, memory issues, thought process issues, and difficulties swallowing. I recieved a CT scan which dod not show signs of a stroke. Since June the symptoms have gotten progressively worse. The numbness and twitching and shaking has spread to my other limbs. The pressure has spread from my left side across my forehead and subsequently turned to extreme vomit inducing pain. The pain and stiffness has also spread down my neck. My skin feels like it is burning and even leaning on things can cause an instant bruise. I have been getting daily charlie horses as well. When I presented all this information to the new rheumatologist he acted as if I was a hypochondriac and doctor shopping. He said he felt like I had hyper flexibility disorder and it was not an autoimmune issue. Have any of you heard of this and feel this could be valid?


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