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Board Index > Lupus | 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z symptoms started with joint pains, I was 10 yo so theyd say it was growing pains. But it didnt stop, and at 13 an orthopedist diagnosis it as fibromyalgia.
At 15 yo I began to have gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea alternating with constipation, abdominal pain and bleeding in the stool).
Only when i was 21 someone thought of ask for a lactose intolerance test. It came back positive. and i thought this would solve my gi problems.
it did in the beggining, but then it came back again.
i tried to just live my life cause everybody kept saying it was all in my head, and some diet and exercises would be suficient.
But it just kept growing. Then i began to feel extreme fatigue. i couldnt stay awake for more than 12h, most time spent in bed... really struggling when i had to walk more than 5min.
I had done a bunch of blood and image tests, but all inconclusive (elevated pcr, esr, fibrinogen, homocistein; some ulcers on the ileum, joint swelling in the ankles (joint effusion)...
i believe some doctors had suspect of lupus, but my ANA is negative (i did it more than once, although it was with the same laboratory lol)
The autoantibodies that were positive were: anti ssa(ro) -Anti ssb (LA) ,anti sm, anti rnp and anti tpo (my thyroid levels are normal)
So.. i cant handle it anymore. The symptoms only seem to increase. And I am also experiencing dizzines, depression, brain fog, nausea, lack of appetite...
i also have a skin rash that i was told is rosacea. She didnt ask for any biopsies, just looked at me and said it was rosacea. the treatment didnt worked. (that was many years ago when i still had some health to care for what I tought was just aesthetic).
i went to a rheumatologist a few weeks ago. She just looked at me like i was some sedentary and hypochondriac crazy lol
She told me i had fibromyalgia u.u but when i told her about hashimotos she asked for some blood tests. The only autoantibody was ANA, and
yes it came back negative again. Only abnormal thing were the habitual pcr and esr.
I dont want to have lupus :P but it is exhaustive to keep feeling so bad and no one seems to know what it is, or even prescribe something
that gave me any relief.
I need some advices on what to do next. Do you guys think it can be lupus even being ANA negative?
I am thinking on finding some dermatologist and ask for a biopsie, but i dont know if they will take me seriously >.<

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