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Hi all -

I'm new here, and I have a few questions about my recent lab work. My GP took me down the path of testing for autoimmune disorders after I had my 4th miscarriage. I'll give you a quick rundown of my history then get to my lab question.

I have a history of joint pain, Raynaud's, and severe rashes on nearly every part of my body - eyelids (so severe I could barely open my eyes) , arms, neck, legs, chest - which were all called eczema/psoriasis. They very closely resembled pictures I've seen of the discoid rash. I haven't had a rash outbreak of this sort since 2010. However, in 2012 after a day in the sun, I became covered neck to toe in what appeared to be hives. At that very same time, I developed iritis in my eye. The doctor that saw me at the time suggested that I be tested for lupus, but I never followed up, because I was 22 and didn't believe that anything serious was wrong with me.

I had a healthy pregnancy in 2014, followed by 4 miscarriages in a row. I was tested in the hospital for APS and LA. Both series of tests were negative. I was then tested by my GP more thoroughly. Tests came back with a severe vitamin D deficiency, high positive ANA, negative anti- dsDNA (1), negative anti-SM (less than .02), negative anti-chromatin (0.4), positive RNP, but it seems barely - 2.2 AI, ref range 0 -0.9). I had the ANA with reflex cascade, so after the first series of 5 antibodies found a positive, the test stopped.

After researching, I found that the RNP could be due to the Raynaud's that I have (and runs in my family, my sister has it as well). However, with my history, will just the positive ANA and positive RNP be enough for an SLE diagnosis? I'm also reading it might be more of a MCTD issue? I clearly don't want to have either, but I'm getting desperate for answers at this point and it's so frustrating. Would it be worthwhile to request lab work for more auto-antibodies?

Thanks for reading my novel!
Thank you for your answer! I was not tested for anti-ro. I think that was in the second series that I was not tested for because RNP came up positive. I am going to ask today to have further tests done. I also know that I'm not necessarily in an "active" phase right now so that may explain why my anti dsDNA was low.

Is it typical for these things to come and go in cycles? It seems that I'll have a year or so when my rashes are really bad, then a few years of being "fine" just fatigue, joint pain, raynauds symptoms. I'm in a cycle right now of joint pain and lots of hair loss (handfuls each shower- I'm avoiding washing my hair because so much comes out each time. :( yet I don't have any rashes (knock on wood).

Thank you so much for all your help!

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