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Thank you very much for the reply. My ANA was 1:320 for several months,then the lab showed 1:100,which was 'borderline positive'', I guess it is equal to 1:80. Other immune tests I've done:
anti-SS-A (Ro 52) recomb.
anti-Scl-70 (
anti-PM-Scl (PM)
anti-Centromere B Ab
anti-Nucleosome Ab
anti-Histone Ab
anti-Ribosomal P
anti-Mitochondria M2 Ab

all negative

Also had muscle testing EMG and creatine kinase- also negative
I haven't had the tests for Antiphospholipid syndrome, but I will go and do them. The only abnormal thing I had before the progesterone shot was the period irregularity, nothing more. As for the stomach problems,I only had an abdominal CT scan and Barium X-ray but I will insist on upper endoscopy. My lung function tests are fine and as for the imaging I only had chest x-ray, 3 to be exact and they all came back fine. I actually don't have chest problems, the breathing thing comes from the tightness around my upper abdomen. So for now the only tests that came back abnormal are: raised ESR- it flunctuates from 28 to 41,slightly raised leukocytes around 11, 24 hour creatinine clearance - 60 ( the norm is 88128 ml/min)-which is low, but wasn't addressed because my serum creatinine is 84 ( the limit is 83).It isn't 'bad enough' for the doctors. I want to ask about the lupus band test? They said it isn't negative but it isn't strongly positive either. What does that mean? I mean if there is something,even a little, it's still there, right?
TSH, T3 and T4- normal and also ultrasound of thyroid-normal. haven't had a syphilis test. I am only diagnosed with Raynaud's for now, which I developed when everything started, haven't had it before, so that makes me think the whole thing is autoimmune. I also have autoimmune diseases in my family, My sister has Juvenile arthritis, my grandmother has RA and my aunt has Hashimoto's, so I won't be surprised if I have Lupus or some type of vasculitis. I don't know how vasculitis is diagnosed. My neurologist said that if I had systemic vasculitis it will show on the MRI of the blood vessels in the brain,I had that with contrast and it was clear. Abdominal CT also with contrast-nothing there either. I don't even know what test to do anymore, except the upper GI endoscopy, of which I am terrified but I will do it.I also had x-rays of my knees and wrists-no changes there,but I do have positive anti CCP-37 (norm is 0-20) which screens for RA. I have an appointment on the 27th with another rheumatologist and I will redo some of the testing before that to see where my ESR, anti CCP and ANA stand now, because they change,also will do the ANtiphospholipid thing, because I suffer from chronic headaches.My skull hurts to be exact.
Thank you again for replying, it means a lot.

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