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Re: Help
Feb 5, 2017
Hi & welcome. I'm just a patient, but I think you should see a rheumatologist, definitely. Have you read the sticky posts = permanent info posts? They're the informational posts located just above the user threads. Because you seem to match on at least several lupus criteria---ANA, plus some sort of rash as yet to be identified, plus oral ulcers that maybe are the kind seen in lupus---at this juncture, a rheumatologist would be a much better bet than a PCP, no matter how good. That's imo, of course.

What does your rash look & feel like? (Just curious.) There's a "sticky" on rashes you might read, too. I had the SCLE annular form, and boy oh boy, none of my local doctors, including 8+ derms, recognized it. So that's another argument for seeing a specialist---better odds of learning if your rash is lupus-specific: good rheums know which derms know these rashes.

Lupus can co-exist with other conditions, and it very often mimics other conditions, too. For example, having Raynaud's doesn't rule out having lupus, and thyroid conditions could accompany either/or. So you want a specialist well-versed in all of the "candidates".

Can you see a rheum without a referral? Looking forward to hearing more. Meanwhile, sending best wishes, Vee

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