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[QUOTE=familylady;5486741]I went to see a Rheumatologist today because I had a ANA 1:160 homogenous pattern, low grade fever, fatigue, muscle tremors, nasal ulcers, alopecia, stiff and achy joints especially in morning. He said he did not think it was lupus because I did not have a butterfly rash that last weeks to a month at a time. He said I have fibromyalgia and did no further testing like sed rate, crp, CBC, CMP or antibody testing.

The only test I have had is the ana, vit b12, vit d, myoglobin, lymes disease, aldolase. Do all lupus patients get a rash lasting that long? Should other test to rule out autoimmune be done before a diagnosis of fibromyalgia is made? Not sure if I should seek a second opinion? know fibromyalgia can also mimic other autoimmune disorders but I thought further testing would be done besides basing the diagnosis on not having rash for long periods. Any advice on what next?[/QUOTE]

I would definitely see someone else. Not all lupus patients get butterfly rash. And fibromyalgia does not cause fever, nasal ulcers, or hair loss. You have several symptoms seen in lupus and should have other antibodies tested, inflammatory markers, urinalysis, bmp, etc. I would not accept this answer, insufficient workup or diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Sorry you had this experience. Hope you find a better dr.

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