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Hi football_mom,

It sounds like you are getting closer to an answer for your health problems that's for sure. Please don't panic!!

The anticardiolipin test indicates that you are high for the Antiphospholipid Syndrome antibody. This syndrome can go with Lupus, which is what it sounds like you have to. Your headaches can be explained by APS for sure! I have APS and my headaches were so awful before I was started on treatment. I don't know if you have read about APS, but I posted about it in the MS forum. Please go check it out. I think the thread is "APS can mimik as MS". APS is such a weird blood clotting disorder. Since you have the symptoms and the blood work both for Lupus AND APS, I REALLY hope that your neurologist will send you on to a Rheumatologist for treatment. If he doesn't, get back to your GP ASAP and get them to refer you to a Rheumatologist. Do not take no for an answer, this is serious stuff. You are at risk for some serious clotting stuff to happen if it isn't treated. I had been untreated for years, and I went dormant with it for awhile but it flared right up. I swear, if you get on the blood thinners your neuro symptoms will DRASTICALLY improve, even the headaches go away! IF your vision continues to be a problem, PLEASE get back to your GP!! You can get Optic Nerve edema (swelling) from APS and it can cause double and blurred vision to occur.

Do you have a history of strokes, TIA's (mini strokes), miscarraiges, or leg clots?

If you do, then chances are that it was due to APS. I really hope that your Neurologist will get you taken care of. Sometimes Lupus and APS are a journey to a diagnosis, I really hope that it is short for you and that they can treat both really soon. While your at it, perhaps you should be tested for Sjogren's Syndrome. It causes dry eyes, mouth, etc as well as joint pain and all that fun stuff. It can go with Lupus and APS, its a double whammy! The tests include blood work; or a piece of litmus type paper that is put in the lower eyelid to measure the eye moisture. A "bone dry" Shirmers (this litmus test) indicates Sjogrens. Your Optometrist or Opthamologist can do this test, as well as some GP's. THe treatment for Sjogrens is symptomatic, depending on the severity of your symptoms. Please take care, and don't panic!! You will get treated, and I hope that its soon so that you can feel better :) I will pray on this end!


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