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Hi Football Mom,

I usually experience symptoms like you described before a flare - cold, achy and have had the numbeness in the face with headache, pins and needles in my head and tremor (I also usually think I'm getting the flu until it doesn't develop into flu and lasts a few weeks). A Doctor once told me that the tremor is associated with migraine (but he was more of a headache than the one I had so I'm choosing to dicount his opinions).
I have some extreme right sided stomach pain on and off - but most other problems are left sided. I had an ultrasound for my pain in lower stomach - only showed 'cervical fluid' - I have no idea what that meant - radiologist asked when my last pap smear was.
I have seen a Gastro. re my stomach pain - naturally they blame everything they have no idea about on irritable bowel syndrome.
Did your stomach bloat up or was it just painful?
Did/do you have eye problems also?
What did your doctor say?

:angel: Hope you are feeling better soon,
Take care,

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