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Hi Cathy :wave:

The first line of defense with Lupus in someone that is in a real "flare" they use prednisone to stop the inflammation in its tracks. This will bring down the rash, kidney inflammation, reduce the ESR and ANA levels. It also helps us "Lupies" To feel a LOT better. You don't have to be put on a really high dose unless you are having really severe symptoms but even a lower dose to start can make a huge difference!

I noticed that my contacts would get really foggy and fall out too! I used contact drops to keep my eyes lubricated, but often my contacts would rip too. I stick to my glasses now. I think it is a good idea to get tested for Sjogrens. Interesting that you have the autoimmune thyroid stuff too, they can go hand in hand with Lupus!

If you do have Lupus, your doctor will probably start you off with the Plaquenil. Now, plaquenil can take up to 3 months to really start working, and it isn't for everyone. It will keep the immune system from attacking itself as best it can. It supresses it, and can work wonders! Your doctor may also put you on some Prednisone in the interm so that you can start to feel better. Prednisone can have some really dreadful side effects like hair growth on the face, a "moon shaped" face, weight gain or loss, round belly and distention of the belly too. It can cause mood swings and all sorts of fun stuff but that is usually on a dose greater than 30mg a day. I was on 80mg a day for about 2 months and it was awful. Once I got lower on the dose everything got better, side effect wise. But the benefits do outweight the side effects trust me. The first day I was on it I almost danced out of bed becuz for the first time I actually had no joint pain!

The protein question that you asked can depend on which test they did on you. The C3, C4 compliment test can be the one you are talking about maybe? If those levels are out they are majorly indicative of Lupus. Anything that is wacko having to do with the body can be related. I mean everything from anemia's to inflammation to EVERYTHING! It can be a real crazy disease, it attacks so much.

I never get sick of answering questions and helping out. I feel that if we can all become empowered with our health, then we can win and become smart.. when you know about what is going on, you can feel better and less scared. You take care!!


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