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Anti Nuclear Ab- Positive
Ana Titer - 1:32
Ana Pattern- Homogeneous
Anti Scl 70 Ab-eia Abnormal
Scl 70 Weak Positive (30)
Scl 70 Ab, Immunodifusion Normal
Scl 70 Westblot Positive (abnormal)
Anti Ro Ab Ss-a Eia Moderate Pos Diagnosis Sjogrens Syndrome
Anti La Ab Ss-b Eia Weak Positive (21)

Any Idea What The Other Stuff Means?

Your mom really is flaring BIG time. Did you mean 1:320 instead of 1:32? I think it may have been a type-o. I can tell you what this all means.

Anti Nuclear Ab- Positive <--- Means her ANA is positive
Ana Titer - 1:32 <--- I think you meant 1:320? That is very positive
Ana Pattern- Homogeneous
Speckled <--- Indicates LUPUS pattern, this pattern is indicative of Lupus
Anti Scl 70 Ab-eia Abnormal <--- See below
Scl 70 Weak Positive (30) <--- See below
Scl 70 Ab, Immunodifusion Normal
Scl 70 Westblot Positive (abnormal) <--- see below
Anti Ro Ab Ss-a Eia Moderate Pos Diagnosis Sjogrens Syndrome
Anti La Ab Ss-b Eia Weak Positive (21) <--- see below

The Scl 70 test indicates that your mom may have Scleroderma. Do you know what Scleroderma is? It is what COULD be responsible for your mom's skin problems! It is a disease in which the symptoms may either be visible, as when the skin is affected, or invisible, as when only internal organs are involved.
It is also a highly-individualized disease. Its involvement may range from mild symptoms to life-threatening. The symptoms are:

Raynaud's Phenomenon (abnormal sensitivity to cold in the extremities).
Swelling of the hands and feet
Pain and stiffness of the joints
Thickening of the skin
Joint contractures
Digestive system and gastrointestinal tract problems
Sjogren's Syndrome (dry mucus membranes) (Your mom is positive for this too!)
Oral, facial and dental problems
Kidney, heart, and lung involvement
Non-specific symptoms such as extreme fatigue, generalized weakness, weight loss, and vague aching of muscles, joints and bones

Since she was slightly positive for the Anti-Scl 70 then perhaps its mostly dormant for now?

It sounds like your mom has plenty more than just Lupus going on here. Has she been officially diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome or Scleroderma? Those can be treated along with the Lupus. It's all called "Overlap Syndrome" the way they intertwine into each other.

The Anti-La just indicates that Lupus is occuring as well. ALl of these tests being so abnormal means that your mom is in quite a flare Deb. She needs a GOOD Rheumatologist to sort her out. No wonder she is so grumpy! I hope that you guys can get into the new Rheumy SOON. What was your mom's ESR at?

Luv and hugs!!

Yes her ana was 1:320
Well her current rheumy did diagnose her with Sjogren's
syndrome, but he didn't mention anything about the SCL-70
westblot being positive, and the anti scl-70ab-eia being abnormal
nor the scl-70 being a weak positive. But like yourself I am concerned
that she might have this skin disorder, but you know how Dr. Doolittle
is so He may have passed this up!!!!!!!
I didn't see the ESR on her test results so I guess he passed this up
(maybe he was afraid of not being paid for that test)
As far as the concern about Schleraderma (sorry spelling)
I gave her dermatologist a call so maybe she can read it
more carefully. I didn't have faith in the rheumy enough
to call him up
I will keep you informed of what the dermatlogist says

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