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:D Hi Dana and All -
Finally my 'flare' dissolved itself Friday - for a good while hopefully (would be nice to get through Christmas without it!).

A few questions for Dana (or anyone else that would like to respond - feel welcome!) -
Does Lupus have any effect on inner ear? I have been off balance for the last few weeks and my ears are usuallly weird in the morning (like they are blocked).
I had a burst eardrum for no apparent reason earlier in the year.

Strangely enough since my brain fog/muscle fatigue has improved, my stomach has settled (not bloated) and I don't look like I'm five months pregnant any more.
The purple blotchy patches have gone from the back of my thighs, my back is no longer sore - nor are my kdneys aching (first time I have had that during a flare). So I am assuming it was all related.

Last week I had like a big electric shock feeling on one side of my neck (in the one spot every time, movement related) and cramps in the arch of my foot. I know that with the skin involvement my symptoms are more like lupus, but some of it sounds like MS as well. Would an MRI of the brain show any Lupus involvement, my last MRI was over three years ago (had brain and spine MRI).

:angel: Thanks so much for your help,


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