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Gosh, I've never had someone so excited to see my urine before!!! Hee hee. Now that puts it into perspective. I thought I had like one or two symptoms. Poooo! What exactly would they do for me? I don't think I'm anemic now? What do I know? As for the arthritis, I don't think I have that. I just feel like I can't stop moving sometimes and want to keep stretching. It's like restless leg syndrome but in the whole body. I associate with anxiety, even though I don't feel anxious. After reading this, I called for a new appointment in Jan 12th to see a new person. I don't know what they'll do. I guess I can stay out of the sun even though the sun symptoms aren't THAT bad. If I stay out for a few hours I get some itchy spots. Not all the time though, that's why I'm confused. Cause I also get hives for what seems like no reason. I'm so overwhelmed at the moment with the generosity that someone cares. Lupus is crazy I tell you! After ALLLLL the help you've given me, I'm still confused! I guess it's a learning process and am happy with what I know now. Ok, I'm writing a novel!...=) Oh you asked about lung and heart, I get bronchitis once a year or walking pneumonia(only once). That's about it. I don't think I have the inflammation thing to be considered another point. I've seen one rheumo.... who works at the Lupus clinic, and someone who does blood stuff -immunol...? maybe.
[QUOTE=AngelicBrat]You guys are too sweet!!! I would feel badly if I didn't help you! The Lord has given me the knowledge so I am lucky enough to be able to help you all!! :)

Truffles: I think that you do meet at least 4 out of the 11 Criteria, let me explain. I have pasted your symptoms in here so that I can go through them with you.

-depressive anxiety-on meds-effexor (heart palpatations, dizzyness etc. feels like I'm in a dreamlike state) MY DAD HAS ANXIETY TOO [B]<-- This could be from a psychiatric manifestation from the LUPUS. You aren't crazy, but lots of people get anxiety that have LUPUS.[/B]
-blood work said I have it [B]<--- You sure do!!![/B]
-I get hives periodically [B]<--- This could be allergies related to a form of LUPUS too![/B]

-I've had those weird migraines where I cannot see, or see bits and peices, or weird lights periodically [B]<--- Antiphospholipid Syndrome could be causing this one[/B]

-I've been anemic while pregnant and at other times too[B]<--- Lupus![/B]

-extreme fatigue /weak and sick like FREQUENTLY [B]<--- LUPUS symtom, very common![/B]

-canker sores and herpes simplex on the mouth [B]<--- Mouth sores are common with LUPUS too![/B]

-if I go in a tanning bed for more than 15 mins, my skin gets itchy and raised goes away after a day, but not severe [B]<--- Sun sensitivity, LUPUS related[/B]

-my bones feel like they ache most the time (I thought it was due to anxiety?) feels like growing pains [B]<--- LUPUS too!! Joint pain, Its NOT anxiety![/B]

-Extreme bowel problems -feels like I'm giving birth with almost every bowel movement[B] <--- That can be inflammation of the bowel from Lupus![/B]

-fainting <--- That could be from Antiphospholipid Syndrome
-maybe this one is funny, but I find the sun very bright and it hurts my eyes (maybe I just need glasses!) [B]<--- This is a typical sun senitivity with LUPUS too, VERY Common![/B]

-I once had blood tests and was told that my white or red blood cells were producing at twice the rate or something-if that means anything [B]<-- Yes, increased WBC are associated with Lupus too[/B]

-for the past 2 weeks I'm losing strength in my left hand (dominant hand) it's always numb and tingly(ring and pinky finger) <--- That could be Antiphospholipid Syndrome! Please check the Stroke forum for my post called "Unexplained Stroke/TIA? Could be APS!" or something like that okay?

FIRST off I really think that you need to be tested for Antiphospholipid Syndrome because of some of your symptoms (migraines, tingling and weakness etc). All of the neurological symptoms that you have could be explained by that.

The American Medical Association has made criteria to diagnose Lupus, and you certainly DO have at least 4 out of 11 of the criteria, let me explain that too!

Here are the criteria to diagnose and I will comment beside:

Malar Rash <-- You didn't mention rashes, but hives
Discoid Rash
Photosensitivity <-- You have this, its sensitivity to the sun.. so thats ONE so far
Oral Ulsers <--- That's TWO
Arthritis <--- That's THREE
Serositis (pleuritis or pericarditis) <-- Do you have a history of inflammation of the heart or lung tissue?
Renal Disorder (persistent Proteinuria in the urine or cellular casts) <-- You haven't mentioned Urine workups
Neurological disorder (seizures or psychosis) <-- That's FOUR
Hematologic disorder (anemia, Leukopenia or lymphopenia on two or more occasions <--- That's FOUR
thrombocytopenia <-- This is a blood disorder
Immunologic disorder (positive LE cell preparation, abnormal anti-DNA or ANTI-Sm values, False postive <-- That's FIVE
VDRL (syphilis test)
Abnormal ANA Titre <--- That's SIX

And these are just off the top of my head! You definitely have 6 of the criteria hon. I would love to see your urine workups! And the diagnosis criteria is from anytime in someone's LIFETIME. So you have Lupus- I am pretty positive about that one. You can't CARRY Lupus for pete's sake.. although your kids would have a higher risk of developing it because you have it too. How many Rheumatologist's and Neurologists have you seen? I am ready to ring all of their necks!! You take care, and things will work out.. I promise. Take care and God Bless you too, both of you!!

~Luv, Angelic (aka Dana)[/QUOTE]

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