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Re: Lupus?
Dec 16, 2003
Also- when you are treated for the Hypothyroid, shouldn't the symptoms go away?>>>

This is what I thought's very often not true...I had no idea what all the thyroid did....I just thought it was about controls every single cell in the the skin, nerves, brain, organs, the HEART, etc etc...

Here is a symptom list.

*You feel tired, exhausted, and like you can't get enough sleep, or want to take daytime naps
* You feel depressed, down, or sad
* You feel cold when others do not, particularly in hands and feet
* You have numbness or pins and needles feeling.....or tingly
* You've gained weight inappropriately, or you are finding it difficult to lose weight, despite proper diet and exercise
* You're losing hair, particularly from the outer part of your eyebrow, or your hair is getting dry, or tangly
* Your nails are breaking and splitting and become brittle
* You have muscle and joint pains and aches, or you've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia
* You've been diagnosed as having chronic fatigue syndrome
* You have carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis in arms and legs
* You have swelling and puffiness in the eyes, face, arms or legs
* You have a low low sex drive
* You have heart palpitations or a diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse
* You're suffering from unexplained infertility, or have had recurrent miscarriages with no obvious explanation
* You have had a heart attack or have clogged arteries
* You have high cholesterol levels, particularly the type that is unresponsive to diet and medication
* You have a heavier than normal menstrual period, or your period is longer than it used to be, or comes more frequently
* You're going through menopause, and are having troublesome symptoms
* You have worsening allergies, itching, prickly hot skin, rashes, hives, urticaria, chronic yeast infections, oral fungus or thrush, or stomach and abdominal bloating
* You have anemia, or low B-12 levels
* You find it difficult to concentrate, your memory is not as good as it should be, you feel like your thinking is "slow" ...also called "Brain Fog"
* You are constipated, sometimes severely so
* You have a feeling of fullness, or an obvious swelling in your neck area ...or sore throat/difficulty swallowing

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