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Hey you,

I am going to refer back to the blood work that you posted a couple of weeks ago first of all:

[B]Anti Nuclear Ab- Positive[/B]
[B]Ana Titer - 1:320[/B]
[B]Ana Pattern- Homogeneous[/B]
Anti Scl 70 Ab-eia Abnormal
Scl 70 Weak Positive (30)
Scl 70 Ab, Immunodifusion Normal
Scl 70 Westblot Positive (abnormal)
Anti Ro Ab Ss-a Eia Moderate Pos Diagnosis Sjogrens Syndrome
Anti La Ab Ss-b Eia Weak Positive (21)

I just dont understand what this guy is doing??? Your mom has a positive ANA with a speckled, homogeneous pattern for petes sake!!! That indicates LUPUS not Sjogren's Syndrome. That is so weird, what the heck is he trying to do here? The Sjogren's Syndrome test is the Anti-Ro (SSA) that was positive... the other symptoms that she has are NOT explained by the Sjogren's Syndrome!!

ARGH I want to bash this guys head against a wall (LOL). Doesn't he look at past blood work?? I mean, this blood work was like 3 weeks ago. You don't have to go back to this new Rheumy if you don't believe him.. I think he is full of crap myself. Even that OLD one was better than this!! Maybe you need to find her a new Rheumy that will take care of her. What a bunch of bone heads. Often there are Rheumys that are so dumb!! Please get back to the GP and see what to do. I dont think what he said is true about your mom NOT having Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Gosh!!!!

And the reason her blood work is negative is because she is in remission for now. If he takes her off of all her meds you can bet she will be flaring in no time. Please get to the GP before they do anything with her meds. You wait and see how grumpy she is off her meds, you aint seen nothin yet!! lol That is so dumb, take his opinion with a grain of salt, he is not bright obviously!! Back to the GP and get them to start over here, what a gong show. And stuck in the middle of this is your mom. sheesh! Love ya!!

~Luv, Dana

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