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Oh Gina!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO HAPPY that things are working out in the blood department!! The IgG and IgM are the tests for Hughes Syndrome. I am glad that the tests are showing what is going on.. what a blessing!! Are you going to the the Rheumy? I hope so.. with positive test results you need treatment to get rid of your symptoms. I would say that you should be started on Warfarin to get things going.. trust me you will feel like a MILLION bucks! The Hughes Syndrome tests are the Anticardiolipin (IgG and IgM) and the Lupus Anticoagulant. Another name for the Lupus anticoagulant is the Dilute Viper Venom Time. It involves the PLS patient and the PLS Control and ratio. Do you have your blood work handy? If you do, could you type out to me exactly what they say? That would be so awesome.. then we can put it all together. Sounds to me like they are getting to the bottom of it!!

The Shirmer's blot test tells them if you have Sjogrens Syndrome (the dry eye and dry everything one). If you have it, the shirmers will be "bone dry". They put a piece of litmus paper in your eye and wait 3 mins to see "what happens". Basically, it measures the eye moisture. If there isn't much, then you have Sjogrens! My bet is that you do, seeing as how you have Lupus stuff going on and the Hughes Syndrome stuff. Wow.. I am in shock here- so very happy Gina!!!
I would get your son tested too.. at least if he has it it can be treated before something happens.. especially if he has the livedo. Does he get headaches, or migraines? Worth getting tested anyway!

If you have that blood work handy, can you post it here so I can see? I am SO HAPPY that things are falling together.. at least its some answers hey! Take care Gina, and thanks for letting me know :) I am dancing in my seat for you here!

~Luv, Dana

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