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[QUOTE=AngelicBrat]Yikes Cleo!!

If you have an ANA and an Anti-DNA test positive, then you definitely have Lupus. I am from Canada also, and I had a heck of a time getting diagnosed properly (and I had a HIGH positive Anti-DNA). I would see if you can get a good Rheumy on your side here.. sheesh!

I have a rash on my face, but not on my neck. Marisa- you can have Lupus with negative test results. I just replied to a post (I think it was entitled something about nose ulcers lol) below. I wrote about test results there :) Take care you guys!

Hi Angela,

Thank you for your response. I was diagnosed in 1986 and went to see a rummy, he was not sure if it was or not, even though my Ant-DNa showed positive, a very high positive. My doctor here in Yukon, Canada says that both have to be positive at the same time, which I know is incorrect. I had every symptom of Lupus, from ulcers in my nose to being constantly tired, and muscle pain and joint pain. I even get a pimple in my left ear each time before a real flare up, same with the ulcer in my nose. I have had the rash on my whole body, now I get it on my breast, yes, breast, and the constant one on my neck. I hate the one on my neck, but nothing can be done about it. I just had a minor flare up before and during Xmas, but seem to be getting back on track. One day I guess a real doc will say yeah you have it. for now I am on the meds for it, but they really don't help me. The anti-depressants help, but that is it.

so what part of Canada are you in? Nice to hear from a fellow Canadian.


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