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Could it be lupus?
Dec 30, 2003
I scared myself while searching for photosensitivity. Many of the results that came up were lupus related. I've never even heard about skin lupus but something is happening to me. For years I have had a rash on my face. I get so itchy in the winter time it is just crazy. After the birth of my daughter, for the last year now, I have had these sores on my face and neck that won't heal and seem to get worse around the time I ovulate. The Derm and my Doctor said that it could be rosacea and impetigo. My joints do ache, hands and feet are swollen every morning and sometimes it really hurts in my shoulder, hips or ankles....I always thought arthritis but never worried because I just thought that was life. Ibuprofen seems to help my face and aches. I get a twitch on my eye lids when I have been exercising or stressed. That drives me crazy and it lasts for weeks!!! It hit me when I was looking at my childhood christmas pictures. At 4 years old I was covered with impetigo on my face. My kidney stopped growing and I needed agressive treatment to save my kidney. Very sick kid. At 8 years old I had Mono for 3 months. When I was I teenager the facial rash started and hasn't stopped. It is much worse on sunny winter days. 8 years ago I had Bells Palsy and neuralgia in my face. Thank God that went away. I feel tired but who doesn't with two kids!!! I just want this itching and rash to go away!!! I also get sores on my scalp but they don't seem to last and at least you can't see them. With all these things adding up to me it seems to be pointing to Lupus. The thought really scares me. Your advise and thoughts are greatly appreciated.[FONT=Arial]

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