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[QUOTE=AngelicBrat]Hi Sophina!

Welcome to the Lupus board :) You pose a very interesting question! I do know that SLE can cause autoimmune hearing loss. Since Lupus is a terrific "mimiker" it can become anything it wants. Are they treating your hearing loss with steroids to decrease the inflammation? Has your doctor tested you for Lupus? I would think he/she would have if they were able to figure out that your hearing loss is autoimmune in nature.

The red blood cells in your urine could very well be caused by kidney inflammation. Do you have pain in the lower part of your back on the sides of your spine? SLE can cause red blood cells in the urine with no cause too! Very weird stuff hey!

That is very interesting about you being so chemical intolerant. There are many studies being conducted right now to see if Lupus and other autoimmune diseases are triggered by chemical exposures and intolerance. I have a chronic Mycoplasma infection (one of those weird bugs) that we feel could have caused my Lupus!

It really sounds like you might have Lupus going on Sophina. I would recommend an appointment with a Rheumatologist for sure to see what they think. Just make sure that it's a Rheumatologist that specializes in treating Lupus patients. Also, if you have not had an ANA screen, ESR, Anti-dna, Anti-Ro, etc done you need them! They will tell the tale. Even if they are negative, you can still have Lupus. There are 5% of people out there that have Lupus and NEVER have the positive test results. That's why I say that you must see a Rheumy that specializes in Lupus. It can be very hard to diagnose! If you have a Rheumy that sees the whole "picture" then you are in good hands :) Take care!!


Thanks so much for the response Angelic.. I am up at 5:00 AM, just can't sleep. Yes my ENT put me on Predisone to see if it will help and stop my hearing loss. I have lost more of my hearing in just a month, since my last appointment with him. I am currently looking for a Rheumatologist who specializes in treating Lupus patients. I have been to many doctors over the past 14 years. The inflamation first attacked my nasal passages. After three surgeries I am finally able to breathe through my nose again. I have been to an allergist and he said no allergys as far as allergys. I also suffer from inflamation in my throat and lungs. Can Lupus also cause high colesterol and high blood pressure. I have developed high blood pressure in the last few months also. I have never had high blood pressure before. It was always on the low side. My nasal passages and up into my head feel pressure all the time. I suffer from severe migraines too. (sorry if I had already mentioned that) These migraines are not your typical migraines. I have them all the time and only know they are migraine by nature by the fact that Imitrex slows down the pain. I think it's actually inflamation in my brain causing them. My ENT only told me that there is definetley an inflamatiom problem going on and suggested I see a Rheumatologist. I have known for years that something was making my body attack itself, I just couldn't get a doctor to listen to me. The ENT was the first to diagnose me with an autoimmune disease. I was actually relieved.. Finally someone listened to me.. I feel I may actually get help now. BTW... I had silicone breast implants and only had them removed this last August. The surgeon found that one of them had ruptured and most all the silicone was gone. The surgeon removed what she could find in my lower chest and lymph nodes with it in them. Personally I feel that is what has caused my body to attack itself. Of course as you probably know, the doctors have not accepted that as of yet.
Thanks again and God bless.
Sophina :-)

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