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Re: What is.....?
Jan 21, 2004
Hi hypo,

Sorry I missed your post until now.. it got lost because a bunch of people all posted the same day!

You mentioned that your doctor is querying MS. Could you ask her to test you for Antiphospholipid Syndrome along with Lupus? Have a look at the symptoms of APS in this forum under "Neurological symptoms and possible Lupus? Please read". Have a look and see if you fit into any of the symptoms there. Many of us with APS have been misdiagnosed with MS, because APS can mimik. Do you have a history of miscarraige? Do you get migraines/headaches? I am interested to hear your answers here.. because of the prolapsed valve and your symptoms.

The rash you describe on your cheeks does sound like a Lupus "malar" rash. It can appear to be like a blush in lots of patients, and after the blush it can sometimes turn into a raised rash. The scaly rash could be a discoid rash, because of the dry and circular pattern. I would be suspicious! I wonder if your doctor biopsied that rash when you had it? If it reappears ask to have it biopsied. The flush is more of the malar "butterfly" rash though! I hope this answers your questions. If you do have Lupus, APS goes with it too. OH I forgot to add.. you can have Lupus without the positive test results. Since medical science is not perfect, there is a percentage of people that have Lupus and have NEVER had the positive blood work. Sometimes it can take a HUGE flare (like brain involvement, kidney problems or something VERY serious) to get that blood work positive. Some Rheumatologists WILL diagnose without the positive blood work and treat. There are MANY sneaky ways to diagnose Lupus because along with the symptoms there are all kinds of oddities that can show up in the blood/urine workups. Some things to look for are listed under the Diagnostic Criteria for Lupus in this forum. Have a peek and see what you think. Take care!!


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