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:confused: I have come to this based on a few things, about 2 months ago I noticed an enlarged lymph node behind my ear, went to my GP and he put me on antibiotics (didn't work) went to an ENT who then put me on Biaxin (didn't work) but he was not to concerned about it. Changed ENT, this doctor said I did have slightly swollen lymph nodes, and because it was going on 2 months, sent me for a CT scan (came back normal). since then, I have just not been feeling well, very tired, and then started getting night sweats, waking up nauses, very nauses. I decided to weigh myself because of the nausea on & off, I was not eating right, I weighed in at 95 pounds! I am normally about 103. I am going through a rough time in my life, I lost a loved one, and a lot of stress at work, I went to a new GP, who decided after my CBC came back normal that I am dealing with stress & anxeity. I also have been having slight pain in my stomache, up high.
Here comes the part that I never tied into not feeling well, The numbness or pins & needles I get. I have been getting this for a long time, at least 2 years if not longer. I will be sitting at my desk at work & 95% of the time when I get up, my legs & feet are "asleep" I always attributed it to the way I sit with my legs crossed. I also wake up with my feet & hands asleep, and they get ice cold, even when everyone else is warm! I have a bad habit of sitting on my feet like a big kid, and I always get the pins & needles, but I have not been doing it lately & I still get the pins & needles ( i have them right now). I have been experiencing "sensative" elbows, it bothers me to lean on them (like I am right now typing this) and sore behind both knees, actually the back of my legs, and in my right ankle, in the back (is this joint pain?). My rists also have a funny sensation and my fingers get swollen. Now, I have not had fevers, or a a rash on my face, but what I do have is: numbness in my limbs, very cold hands & feet (but I don't notice color change), what seems to be joint pain, weight loss, slightly swollen lymph nodes, always tired, nausea, stomache pain that comes & goes, and I am finding it hard to concentrate & focus at times, my eyes feel hot, but not really dry, and the other day I had this really weird muscle spasm that lasted the better part of the day in my lip! If anyone thinks this sounds like I may have the symptoms of Lupus please tell me. Thanks for reading. :wave:

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