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Not all back yet
Feb 14, 2004
Well, most of my tests did not come back... My Rheumatologist got back my CBC and the Rheumatoid factor... the CBC was normal, but again the Rheumatoid was positive, this time it was higher at 23, and again he said that is not that high, but it was 19 the first time. He then explained that it can be from Sjogens disesae.
The pain in my arm was so bad yesterday I didn't know what to do with myself, it went from under my armpit all the way down my arm... Anyone ever get that?? It is awful.
This morning I feel like frankenstein, my hands and feet are so swollen, and it usally takes the better part of the morning to go down, but lately does not seem to be going down 100%.
I have my Neuro appt this week, I don't think my nerves can take much more testing because truthfully, as much as I am in pain, I don't want to here "Lupus" or "MS".
Does anyone else have low body temp too? mine hangs around 96-97. It didn't use to, what is that all about?
For any new people who want to know symptoms, not that they know what I have as yet, here are a list of mine:

leg & arm tingling (sometimes numb)
numbness in 1 thumb (on & off)
facial tingles
dead arm
strange finger coordination (noone else can notice it)
vision problems (blurry/can't focus all the time)
lack of concentration
swollen lymph nodes
low body temp (96-97)
swollen fingers (especially in the morning)
morning stiffness
weight loss (about 8 lbs) i now weigh 95!
nausea (comes & goes, but lasts a day sometimes more)
stomache pain (up high)
CONSTANT ringing in my ears
little twitches all over (face,hands, arms, legs, butt!)
terrible headaches (could be from crying all the time lately!)
pain in my joints
muscle pain?? feels like someone is taking my muscles & stretching them!

I am sure there are more and I am not thinking of them, oh yeah... forgetfulness!! Anyway, that is my list if you are trying to relate. I am 29 years old so it's not as if old age can be a contributor to any of this. I wish everyone good luck & good health.

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