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[QUOTE=AngelicBrat]Hi Nancy :)

The rash that you describe sounds like Lupus rash to me! Not every person has teh same rash.. some people get big open sores while others get a blush. It's very individual! You can ask lots of us with Lupus if we have an anemia going on and the answer is really simple. Many of us have anemia (I have pernicious anemia AND iron anemia) and it goes with Lupus. The low WBC go with Lupus too! SO that's two strikes.

Do you know what the stain of your ANA was? It would say speckled, rimmed, nucleor, centromere etc. That is very critical when it comes to a diagnosis because each stain can mean a different disease process is at work in your body. If you could find out that would be helpful. Your ANA is increased, the normal is below 1:40 (so 1:39 would be considered normal). There are also medications out there that can cause a drug induced Lupus.. what other meds are you (other than the B12 injections)?

Please check out the criteria to diagnose Lupus. The symptoms don't have to occur just today.. they can occur over the years. Some of us can go YEARS without being diagnosed because nothing is conclusive. If you have the ANA positive and have symptoms its worth seeing a Rheumatologist that specializes in treating Lupus patients. It has to be one that works with Lupus because the ones that don't are awful usually! (bad to say.. but really true!). If you want, you can list your symptoms and past blood work abnormalities here and I can comment :) Take care and I hope this helps!

~Luv, Angelic

P.S. All people with Lupus present differently, meaning that no two people with Lupus are the same. That makes "standardizing" tests and symptoms harder to do. Some Rheumy's will treat their "sero negative" Lupus patients to see if they feel better, and that is how they diagnose them! Its a tough one to nail down thats for sure![/QUOTE]

Well one test said it was Homogeneous and another test had said it was mixed, Homogenous and Speckled and the ANA Titer was different with each. No specific meds that would do that the hemotologist said, I take actenol once a week(if I remember to) I also take zanax when I have anxiety attacks or to sleep. The one blood test I do have is as follows
WBC....298 Ref range 4.0-11.0, RBC...420 Ref 4.0-5.2, Platlets 170 Ref 150-450, Neutrophils 1.3 Ref 1.8-7.0, Basophils 0.7 Ref 0.00-0.04, Hemoglobin 13.0 Ref 12.0-16.0, everything else in fairly normal range ESR was 10 one time 7 the next. I do have more what you called the blush, it will come out of nowhere and lasts for hours or more, I do have what looks like a blotchy spot that flares up now and then on the cheek and forehead and on the arm and this has been ongoing for years like everthing else. I've had 4 ANA tests over the last few years 2 positive and one undeterminable and one negative, is that possible? The Hemotologist said positive and neg come up all the time and it is only one part of the criteria is that so? Seems like after all these years Dr s not doing anything with tests I am not as confident with his answers just yet, tho I am impressed with his wanting to find out what autoimmune disease I may be carrying. What do you think? Oh and what does the ANA Titer mean is that the result of the ana test? Mine have been 1:160 and 1:180 is that what you look at?

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