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Well, we just got all of my daughter, April's, test results from Children's Hospital back. They found a couple of "mild" abnormalities, but really pretty much normal. Her ANA was repeated and was at 1:160, I'm not sure of the pattern. Her C4 was a little low and they found some really small area on her spine(radiologist asked if anyone had ever talked to us about Spondilitis (sp?) ) but the doctor doesn't think any of it means anything. Everything else, except a slightly high iron level was fine. The iron level was repeated and was normal so they don't think its anything either. So the rheumy suggested we go back to our GP and possibly seek a referral to see if all of her symptoms aren't "stress induced". So basically, she thinks its all in her head!!! She said many teenagers have a slightly increased ANA and the C4 without other positive results doesn't mean anything. We spent 2 days with her admitted in the hospital running alot of very expensive tests for them to say... it's just stress!!!! AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! What is wrong with these people. April returned to school yesterday after missing 4 weeks. She is in a wheelchair and is still experiencing a great deal of abdominal pain and joint pain along with complete exhaustion.We have an appointment with the GP tomorrow, I'm really hoping he will find some other help for her. I've also had well meaning friends suggest we take her for a psych eval. I know they do mean well, but I also know my daughter isn't crazy.........she's sick!!! When I tried to tell the rheumy that she wasn't under any stress until after she got sick, she got very defensive. She said, well, you can bring her back in a month or two and we can run them again, but unless it evolves into an illness we know, there's nothing more we can do. Why is this so difficult to see that my child is truly sick??? I just want to scream and throw things, but it won't do any good. I would like to continue taking her to specialists to try to get a diagnosis, but our funds aren't limitless either. So what do I do from here. We're going to look into a pain management specialist to get the pain under control and I guess just keep having her tested every so often with our GP until its more clear that she has something specific. I don't know what else to do. I've been told our local rheumys are not so good, so I don't want to waste time and money there for them to tell us what we've been told already. How do you all just keep going until you get a diagnosis?? Okay....I've ranted enough for tonight. I'm physically and emotionally exhausted and ready to try to sleep for awhile.

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