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Hi Shari. Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention that I did have blood work done but wasn't tested for lupus or any auto-immune disease. I was checked for thyroid, chem. profile, vitamin deficiences, metobolilc, diabetes, cbc count which all came back normal except for my MCHC (don't even know what this is) was slightly elevated. The Dr. said this has to do with my red blood cells, but wasn't elevated enough 35.5 (range 31.0 - 35.0) to cause concern. What is connective tissue disease? You mentioned in another one of your posts about a burning sensation inside the muscles and I get this from time to time, ususally I will get this heat sensation and then my joints will ache, mainly my lower back but sometimes it does occur in just my muscles, they just feel hot. Most of my symptoms I feel are neuromuscular since of my muscle weakness, stiffness, achiness and twitching and tremors. It moves around my body at random really. I do get painful periods, more painful than I can remember which radiates to my lower back. I have an appt. with an internist tomorrow and I will request loads of blood work to be done. Thanks again and I'll keep you posted. By the way, what is the prognosis for connective tissue diease?
~~~ Kristine
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny in comparison to what lies within us." - - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Hi Angelic,
Thanks for replying. I found your post on APS to be quite useful and all the test you suggested and I will take that info with me when I go and see an internist tomorrow. I forgot to mention in my last post that I did have blood work done and it all came back normal. I had a CBC count, chem. profile, metabolic, diabetes and vitamin b12 , thyroid profile tests complete. I did however have an elevated MCHC (35.5 - range 31.0-35.0) but my Dr. said it isn't elevated enough to cause concern and that my MCHC has something to do with my red blood cells. I agree that most doctors are quite apathetic and not really concerned about helping their patients. It's not necessarily their fault for they are doing what they have been trained to do and they can't think "outside the box" so to speak. The good ones however, are far and few between and I think half the battle is finding a dr. who will really listen to you, you know what I mean? I know I'm not stressed, or at least to the point that that is the cause of my symptoms. That is ridiculous! Most of my symptoms seem to be in the neuromuscular category: muscle twitching/spasms, tremors (internal and external), stiffness, weakness. Lately my jaw has been quivering and I've been taking a peak at the Parkinson's forum because I JUST DON'T KNOW!
Because the onset on my symptoms were acute in nature, I feel this is specific to my diagnoses, whatever it may be. Does lupus or APS come on all of sudden? I had the stomach flu and then BHAM, 2 days later, I was suffering from all of these neurological conditions. This is why it seems to me to be an auto-immune disease. To answer all you questions....

Have you ever had a miscarraige, stroke, leg clot or mini stroke?
No miscarriage and as far as clots,not that I am aware of.

Have you ever had kidney inflammation or infections?
Not that I am aware of. What would it feel like?

Do you get really tired all the time during these periods of time when you feel the symptoms starting?
Yes. My body just feels worn out as if I over exerted myself.

Have you ever had difficulties thinking, or with memory?
Yes I have. Difficult with word recall at times, and spelling lately.

Have you ever had difficulties with your eyesight?
Slight blurred vision and I have eye pain sometimes which is transient.

Have you ever had such dibilitating fatigue that you havent been able to carry out daily activities?
I've been tired, but I don't know if it's dibilatiating. I would push myself and pay for it later. I would definatley notice that it was harder at times for me to get through the day.

Do you feel like your brain is in a "fog" and you can't think clearly?
Yes. I've noticed more lately that I have a one track mind. I can really only focus on one thing at a time. I'm not able as efficently to mutli-task anymore.

What is the prognosis for lupus and APS? I'm really frightened you know. I have a 5 year old daughter and all I can think about is that I want to be around for her and I'm so scared of becoming disabled. I know, I know, I shouldn't worry about things which haven't yet happened, but I'm just scared and not knowing the cause of my symptoms is only compounding an already stressful and difficult situation. Thanks again and I will keep you posted. It feels good to talk to others who understand.

~~~ Kristine
"What lies behind us and what lies before us is tiny in comparison to what lies within us." - - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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