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Hi Kristine! :)

Thanks so much for your answers.. they really area helping me to form a "picture" of what is going on with you. It sounds to me like you might have Antiphospholipid Syndrome. I really hope that you can get that blood work done for APS, it will shed some light on your situation. Has someone looked in your eyes? I think that is a good idea because of the symptoms you are having. Your GP can do that, and then send you on to an Opthalmologist for evaluation if there is optic nerve swelling.

The prognosis for Lupus and APS is relatively good provided you are diagnosed and treated as quickly as possible. Every person is different too, so for one person they may be healthy and live a good and full life, and for others they may have flare ups and have ups and downs. Its all different for each person! With APS, people can clot since the blood is "sticky" so its crutial to get diagnosed and treated as soon as you can to prevent permanent damage. The lucky thing about APS is that usually the strokes will fully resolve if someone has one. Please take care and come back often!!!

~Luv, Angelic

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