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Thank you thank you for the responses and encouragement! I definitely feel as tho I've come to the right place :)

It's striking me as weird that all these things build up over the years and even when you tell doctor after doctor, no one puts any of it together...and then *bam* it forms some pattern decades later.

I got the mono in college when I was 21, felt so drained I had to get special permission to drop to 9 credits. I didn't even get it doing anything fun! ;) They tested me when I went to health services to tell them I suddenly couldn't go up stairs - my thighs were so weak, my knees would just buckle. Well, fast-forward 8 months and I was back for the fall semester and I was /still/ exhausted and unbearably depressed over it (how many times can people tell you 'you had mono 8 months ago, geez, what's wrong with you?') so they tested me again, and oh look, your titer is still positive. (What the heck that actually means seems to be an unending source of debate?)

The pains now alternate between starting with my right knee, eventually shooting up to my hip, or vice-versa. It's always had occasion to 'hitch' as I was walking, can remember that back to high school. Was always an issue with intercourse. Will often get 'stuck' and I have to manually shove my knee open to get the darned thing to pop. But the x-rays a year ago showed no arthritis. The actual pain of it makes it feel like it's connected to the tailbone, definitely, not at the front.

I didn't go on Accutane (thank goodness!) but that's exactly how my skin is...just acne, or rosacea, or rash? Lots of broken capilaries, always mottled/red, sometimes swollen. Oddly, I have very few cysts any more, but still that lovely 'adult acne' the commercials love to lecture on ;) Used to be when I went on antibiotics for a sinus infection (say, 1990 or so) *bing* my face would clear up again. Now nothing clears it up.

Does anyone else feel like their immune system just doesn't work at all? Ever? I guess if it weren't functioning in some way I'd constantly have the flu or something?

I called the nurse and asked her to fax me the actual test results so I could see what precisely they say, particularly the ANA pattern. She took the fax number but I had not received them before I left at 4p. I'm hoping she was just waiting for the appointments to be through and they'll be waiting for me in the morning.

Thanks again for all the information! Everyone take care :)


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