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Hey there! I hope I can be of some help to you. I have something, but I don't know what it is. I think they are comfy calling it a neuromuscular disease for the here and now. I am going to try and make a long story short. I have about a ten year history. Everything came and went in the beginning. I would seek help when I felt bad, they would blame it on stress or something, I would get to feeling better and back off. I started progressively seeking help about three years ago. I am in a county system and my level of care for the most part stinks. For example, I had an MRI two years ago that came back "clear and normal." A few weeks ago, I obtained the record in my own hands. My clear and normal MRI makes reference to my tonsils. This would be fine if I had any. Anyway, the point here is that I know how it is driving yourself mad trying to make sense of it all. I have also spent way too much time researching diseases and conditions, especially ones of a neurological nature. As for a tremor....yes, Lupus can cause a tremor. I do not know how common it is. MS can cause a tremor. This is very common. A tremor can also be a neurosis all by itself. There are lots of other diseases and conditions that can cause a tremor also. How long does a flare last? This is not a question that anybody can really give you an answer to that would indicate anything. While there may be a typical time length for a flare or exacerbation, there are variations. Also, there are times when a disease or condition progresses and it is not something that really passes. I had an exacerbation or flare of some sort once that started one week after Thanksgiving. My lungs were infiltrated, I was coughing up something that looked like white cotton candy, I could not speak, and I could not walk. My voice did not even try to return until around Christmas, and there wasn't much sound then. I couldn't walk until mid-January. My real voice did not return until March. That cough stuck with me for so long that I don't even remember when it left for good. Every once in a while I still lose my voice; this is not a hoarseness, it's an inability to produce sound. It doesn't last long anymore, but it just sneaks up to remind me of its presence. I am not trying to dishearten you, it is just that the duration of your current flare can't pinpoint or rule out anything. I understand where there may be many reasons that you can't get to your doctor soon. However, you really need to get to one as soon as possible, and really press for tests. That is the only way you are going to get certain answers, and you are going to keep going mad until then. I am 100% insane now. :) I feel for you. I hope you get to feeling better soon, and I hope you get some answers sooner.

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