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I'm looking for some guidance from people who have 'been there'. I don't know if I have 4 of the 11 criteria or not, and if I'd be wasting my time seeing another rheumy since I saw one 6 months ago and told it's not lupus or ra.

Here are my symptoms/signs:
ANA: 1:320 speckled
Peripheral Neuropathy in hands & feet (diagnosed by Neuro)
Sudden onset of arthritis in my fingers last summer
Joint pain: hands, knees, ankles - comes and goes but usually it's on both sides - but it's not disabling, just an annoying "sick" pain.
Anemia - low red blood cell count (this is a new one - didn't have this when saw the rheumy in Sept.)
Fatigue - started last summer, gets worse with exercise or anything that keeps me on my feet for any length of time.
Long periods (12-14 days) with a very heavy flow for part of it

The rheumy in Sept tested all the ds-DNA, etc. - only thing that wasn't normal was Complement - C4 was below normal, C3 was at the low end of normal.

I've known that I have thyroid antibodies for 3-4 years now, so I know I'm at risk for other autoimmune disorders - but some of these symptoms could be from under-treated thyroid. Problem is, my endo says my thyroid level are fine.

What do you guys think? If I should see a rheumy how do I find a good, knowledgeable one?


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