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I can relate to your mom's story and so can THOUSANDS of others! I must say that people can have Lupus without having the blood work positive. It can take years for it to become positive (if at all.. in 3% of people the blood work is never positive). It can also taking so darn sick that we go into the hospital and almost die before it is positive! I wouldn't wait for the blood work while she is in agony.. take action to see what the doctors can do. Has your mom seen a Rheumatologist? She needs to see one that specializes in Lupus to have it dealt with appropriately. Also, has she had ALL of the Lupus panels completed? Other than just the basic ANA screening. The ANA isn't worth as much as people think it is, and many will have Lupus ruled out when really they shouldn't. Would you do something for me? Print off the "Criteria to diagnose Lupus' on the first page of this forum (up at the top) or sit down with your mom at the computer and ask her each of the questions to see what she has had both in the PAST and right now. So many people think that its just symptoms right know when its cumulative symptoms too! There is the AMA Criteria, and the "Other" criteria for those that are harder to diagnose. If you could tell me how many of the 11 your mom has from the AMA criteria, and then go through the other list at the bottom and let me know how many she has there then I would be very thankful. Remember that they dont have to be happening right now! Also, please answer these questions for me ok?

~Has your mom had rashes on her face, arms, legs or torso?

~Has your mom ever had joint problems related to injury, inflammation or pain when she sits for too long or first thing in the morning?

~Does your mom have hair loss?

~Does your mom have problems with dry eyes, dry mouth or nose?

~Does she have ringing in her ears that is severe?

~Does your mom ever have palpatations (fast hard beating heart), chest pain or radiating pain into her left arm?

~Does your mom have colour changes in her hands, nails or other finger changes related to hot or cold weather? In cold weather or under cold water does her hands hurt and turn white?

~Does your mom have severe abdominal pain that no one can figure out? ( I think I know the answer to that one.. :) )

~Does your mom find it hard to get out of bed due to joint pain? Which joints hurt the worst?

Please answer the following blood work questions: (If you dont have recent blood work, please get it from the GP.. it is her right as a patient to have copies of all of her blood work, MRI studies, etc)

Has she had any abnormalities in:

CBC- Complete Blood Count (which includes RBC, WBC, Platelets, any anemia etc)

Urinalysis- Any protein, blood or cellular casts?

Electrolytes- any imbalances?

Has she had the following positive: ANA, Anti-dsDNA, Anti-RO (SSA), Anti-LA (SSB), Anti-SM, ASMA, VDRL, Anticardiolipin (IgM and IgG), Lupus Anticoagulant, etc.

Has your mom ever had a history of blood clots in the body? This includes miscarraiges, leg clots, strokes or TIA's, heart attacks etc

Does your mom get brain fog, where she cant think straight and she feels like her brain is in the clouds?

Does your mom ever get tingling/weakness in the extremeties?

Does your mom ever get memory problems, or problems expressing her thoughts?

I hope this isn't overwhelming!! Please see if you can either email that to her to fill out, or if you guys can fill it out on here that would be great. You can copy and paste it into a new post and include your answers.. that would be easiest! If she doesn't have copies of her blood work at all from ever please see about getting a copy of her WHOLE chart from the GP (or an old GP if she has switched) so we can go through things to look for weird stuff. That way, I can better help you guys :) Don't worry.. you have come to the right place!

~Luv, Angelic

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