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I have so many questions popping into my head lately, so hopefully I won't annoy everyone here with all of them. :rolleyes:

I have read so much info about lupus and most state that a high titer ANA is more predictive of lupus than an low titer one. I was wondering how many people here have lupus and a low titer ANA. If so, does it always stay positive, or does it usually show up negative? Has it ever gone above 1:80 or 1:160 or has it always stayed low? Does a low titer correlate with more mild lupus, or does it not matter? What have you noticed with your test results?

I haven't been diagnosed but have had the ANA run 3 times in the past 3-4 years, and just last week was the very first time it ever showed positive...1:80 speckled. Just curious if anyone knows why some people with lupus have lower titers than others.

Hello To You,
My ANA has only been done once and it was 1:320 nucleolar pattern. I have read on other websites that 1:40 is negative 1:80 is seen in 8% of healthy people 1:160 in 5% of healthy people and 1:320 in 3% of healty people. My initial diagnosis was Lupus from the internal med doc. I saw the rheumy yesterday and he seems to think MCTD is what I am dealing with. I don't think that the titer correlates to how severe the disease is for you.....I hope this helps.....ElegantGI

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