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I know you're not around right now, but I promised to post the results to my blood tests to you when I got them.. I hope things are ok with you!! :(

Well, I went back to the Rheumy yesterday.. grrrrrrr. I'm SO unbelieveably ticked off right now. I HATE that man. He just sat down and told me that he "couldn't find anything wrong" with me in the blood work at all. That everything was "perfect", which he says "is a good and promising thing" (yeh, maybe to YOU, idiot) and he had NO reason whatsoever to suspect any connective tissue disease was going on. He flat out said that he couldn't help me and that there was no reason to come back to him. He said that I just needed to go to a Pain Clinic and have them help me deal with the pain. WOOHOOO!!!! Yeh I walked out of there and bawled in the car. Hubby is highly ticked off.. we both were praying that this time something would show up and point us in the right direction.

A question.. how common is it for docs to just hand you over the blood test results?? The only reason I ask is because when we left, he asked me "are you planning to see your regular doctor anytime soon?", When I said "yeh hopefully this week", he said, "here, then give these to her". Meaning my blood work.. I didn't even have to ask for them.. just handed them right over and walked out of the room!! Ok, I guess I shouldn't complain.

Ok, NOW I'll post the results of them.. or at least the ones that WERE NOT OK like he claimed it all is. And maybe some other possibly significant/insignificant ones. This is from Quest diagnostics. I'll post exactly what it says on the paper and then my comments.

ANA screen EIA W/RFL titer IFA - NEGATIVE (there are NO values posted anywhere on this **** paper like I was hoping for.. nothing at all).

Under Complete metabolic panel -
Sodium - 145 (Normal) Reference Range 135-146
Chloride - 110 (Normal) Reference Range 98-110
Albumin - 4.8 (Normal) Reference Range 3.7-5.1 (this was high with the last round of tests.. was 5.5, but went back down to normal range)

Globulin - 2.3 (Normal) Reference Range 2.2-4.2
Albumin/Globulin ratio - 2.1 (High) Reference Range .8-2.0
Rheumatoid Factor - 7 (Normal) Reference Range - <14
C-Reactive Protein - .1 (Normal) Reference Range - < .8

Lyme Disease IGG and IGM, WB
All negative.. says all bands NONREACTIVE (doc said there was no need to even do this test since he had no reason to suspect it.. he said he only did it because I ASKED for it.. what a ****).

Under CBC W/diff & PLT
MCV (Mean Corpuscular Volume) - 98.4 (Normal) Reference Range - 80-100
MCH (Mean Corpuscular Hemoglobin) - 33.2 (High) Reference Range - 27-33

Platelet count - 101 (LOW) Reference Range 140-400 (these went down more since last tests.. were at 110. They called it Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia (sp?).

UROGRAM W/microscopic RFX - everything just says NEGATIVE under this small section without any values typed.. except for Protein.. (TRACE) amount found.

Then the next section starts like this..

Color - (DK yellow) Reference Range - yellow
Appearance - (Cloudy) Reference Range - clear
Calcium Oxalate Crystals - (MODERATE) 6-15/HPF) Reference Range - none/few
Bacteria - (MANY (>50/HPF) ) Reference Range - none seen
Squamous EPI Cells - (6-10 HIGH) Reference Range - 0-5

Ok that's it.. now from what I understand here with the urine, looks to me like I have an infection possibly? What's funny about that is that I'm ALWAYS complaining of whats FEELS like a bladder infection. I always have urgency, always have back pain, always crampy feelings after I urinate. And I told him all this, and just said that I didn't know what one thing had to do with another but felt he should know about it as well... But he said yesterday that ALL my bloodwork was perfect?? HUH? Should I point this out to my regular doc??

I'm really annoyed that there were no ANA titers listed. I wanted to be able to compare it with the other ANA tests when I get copies from my regular doc. But since they always go through Quest, apparently no values are ever listed?? How the hell do they know if the titer has changed???????????

I didn't get ANYWHERE with these tests.. and I just want to cry and cry and cry :(
Hi, Dee74.

Sorry to read your tale of frustration. All I can say is that I hope you can work with the things you know to be true at this moment... VERY trying, for darn sure.

Anyway, you could browse on "idiopathic thrombocytopenia", which really means low platelets (of some kind or another---I'm not qualified to say!). "Idiopathic" simply means "of unknown origin". Maybe a cause can be determined? (Hope so.) Is this the first time you've seen this finding?

Re: urinary irritability, I had a lot of this with very few findings, despite being sent to a urologist for awhile. I wasn't testing positive for infections, either. The discomfort and urgency was at its worst as my rashes were "on the rise". Then it subsided, only to restart with the next new rash. (I did have one bout of true stones and a total blockage---ugh! But that never recurred, so stones/grit didn't seem to be the root cause.)

The urologist did consider interstitial cystitis but didn't test me for it, as the test requires full sedation. He did prescribe an anti-spasmodic drug that I tried briefly, with horrible results = big pain, cramping and nausea.

Among the things that made burning & frequency worse: alcohol (I gave up totally), acid foods & beverages (tomatoes, coffee, tea, etc.), caffeine, artificial sweeteners. But with all that, I think rising inflammatory response was the likely root cause. I've been on Plaquenil for 4 years now; and the urinary problems are very mild, compared to what they once were.

About doctors handing me test results: Yes, I've seen this, esp. with specialists sending you to another specialist or back to your GP. I was OK with it, as I'd then make a copy for my own files.

With my best wishes to you & hopes that your doctor now narrowing their findings into something usable! Vee

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