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Hi everyone!

I finally saw the Rhuematologist for the first time after waiting a month and a half for an appointment :D . Well she looked at my blood work (recap: ANA positive, speckled 1:40, Anti ds Dna 14.0 and RF 34) and she questioned me about all my symptoms, medical history and family history. I told her my cousin has Lupus, grandmother had RA, mother has Arthritis ( she's checking for RA) and then told her all my symptoms; joint pain, stiffness, slight swelling, constantly tired, weak feeling, sun rashes, facial rash, fevers, headaches, shortness of breath, pain when breathing etc..... the list goes on. She examined me and I showed her the lesions on my stomach and the mosquito like bumps from the sun and she says I should have a dermatologist check them out. After examining me she says that because of my family history, my test results and my symtoms she [u]would not [/u]say that I [u]don't[/u] have lupus. She says that more symptoms may present them self. She said she will take more specific test for lupus and see me in another month :huh: . She also said that I [u]definitely[/u] have [b]Raynauds[/b] and [b]Fibromyalgia[/b] ( isn't this like an underlying disease for Lupus?). She advised me to stay away from the cold, loose weight (like I don't have a mirror) and gave me prescriptions for Naprosyn 500mg and Elavil 10mg, made an appointment for me to see her in a month, sent me for my blood work and X-ray for my hands.

I don't feel completely satisfied with my visit :( , but I think this feeling is mostly due to impatience and wanting answers. I'm a little at ease because she has taken steps as far as getting the necessary blood work done and giving me somewhat of a diagnosis (although she's not ruling out Lupus yet). Inspite of all this i'm going to take the medication she gave and see if i'll get some relief and wait another month to see what the new bloods will show. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase tell me what you guys think??????? :erm:

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