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[QUOTE=creinha]My appointment with the Rheumatologist isn't for another month. I was wondering if I could have Lupus? Does any of this sound familiar?


Elevated ESR
Positive ANA


Moderate to severe joint pain that last for just a few days in a joint before migrating to another. Signs of redness and slight swelling seen only in the joints of the hands. Effects shoulders, wrists, hips, elbows, thumbs, and pinkey fingers. The pain lasts for about a week, then I'll have a day or two of remission before it all starts again.

Tenderness and/or swelling in the lymph nodes under the jaw. Comes and goes.

Fatigue, fatigue, and more fatigue!


Hi Cheri, :wave:

We are not medical doctors here and I certainly am not... but.....

You didn't say -- what the the titer of your ANA (i.e. low or high titer?) - very Low postive starts at 1:40 & it can up from there to !:80 to 1:160 to 1:320 ..... and all the way up to 1:2560 or higher (very high). What was the pattern - speckled, homogenous, neucleor..? [I]You always have a right to your test results and to have them explained to you[/I]. And is this the first time you've had a positive ana? ANA & sed rate are both very non-specific blood test (meaning could be many things) and a postive one - depending on the titer, pattern and chroncity - can mean nothing more than inflammation going on somewhere in your body (esp. at lower levels) or a number of other illnesses such as RA (theumatoid arthritis) lupus or some other CTD (connective tissue disease) and etc, etc, etc... Fatique (even strong fatique at times) is in most all illnesses.

The symptoms you posted above sound to me (at this point unless there is a lot more you haven't listed) more like RA or maybe Sjogren's if anything... but, as said, depends on a whole lot of other things. Have you had any other more indepth tests for autommune disease yet? - like anti-dsdna, RO, SSA, SSB, LA, etc? (look up lab tests in lupus) But does sound like someone is on the right track and (your primary care doc?) referred you to a rheumatologist who will be able to explain mucho better the possibilites seen in a positive ana and to order any follow-up tests to determine what may or may not be going on. Both tests can change dramatically from low positive to high positive and even back to negative from week to week --- even day to day.

Angelic Brat (senior veteran on these boards) put 2 permanent posts re: lupus, it's symptoms, etc, and anti-phospholipid sydrome at the beginning of this lupus board --- a very good place to start if you have not already read them...=)

Shorter answer - yeah... could be... but a VERY BIG BUT...with just those 2 tests only being positive. Would help if you can get the specific results and post them... No doctor will diagnose on just those 2 positive but very non-specific tests. You also need to meet other criteria as Angelic listed in first post. If you've read many posts here, you'll find it is very difficult to diagnose lupus for even many specialists..! :yawn: But again, with only what you posted above, sounds more like rheumatoid arthritis or sjogren's (cause as said, could be too many other things - Need to ask your doc =). Do you have very dry eyes and/or mouth? Those are common in sjogren's (another autoimmune disease with similar symptoms to lupus) and the swollen/tender glands under your jaw are also symptoms of sjogren's (but they too are seen in lots of other things..)

Again... the rheumatologist will be able to answer your questions mucho better and hopefully you are going to one who will....! (Now that's a whole 'nother...too long story...!) Hopefully, you'll get some solid and answers that will help you much more when you see the rheumy next month =) If you get a "jerk" who just brushes you off... keep trying..! Again, read just a few of these posts - we've all.....been there..! You can really gain a lot of knowledge and insight just by reading other posts here... I'm glad I found them...!

Hope this helps just a little - a long answer to your short question.. :rolleyes: But in order to answer your question with more than just saying ... sure you could and sure it couldn't too... had to be long =)

take care, hewie :angel:

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